Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Hi party people,
So, I was supposed to read the below aloud on the last podcast, but like a dufus, I completely forgot. Here are Max's notes on the first two episodes of cycle ten.
Hey guys, sorry I can't be there for the podcast. Here are some of my notes from the last two episodes to read aloud on the podcast:

- I'm glad that Tuesday Therapies with Marvita® is back. But I swear,she's gonna end up getting so mad at Fatima that one days she's just gonnago and sew up the labia on her face, too.

- Did anybody else think that Allison looked like Mary Louise Parker? Iwas excited that she wanted to "annihilate" the competition, but too badshe has so far sucked.

- I'm disappointed in Tyra this year. She usually starts off with someserious issue. Instead of biofuel vans and photoshoots about the dangersof smoking, it's high school cheerleading, Hummer limos, and theglamorization of homelessness. Booo.

- Hooray for there being a plethora of Amys! You can never have enoughAmy in your life. ;-)

- Anybody else wanna sew up Anya's face labia?

- There is some serious ugliness on the show this season. Tyra, slowdown, America doesn't have that many beautiful women (at least that wantbe on your show). Now we're stuck with the tragic tranny boring horseynamed Dominique. Neeeeeigh.

- I hope that that ragamuffin Amis takes her name change and runs with it.Top Model hasn't yet had a transitioning transexual contestant on it, hasit?

- Paulina Porizkova told Kim that she had a dark side, and to bring itforth, and then she made a weird sound with her mouth, as if she werehacking something up. Is that model code for "you need to throw up andlose weight?"

- Marvita is Polish?

- I was very proud of Kim for not giving a shit. That should be a newfeature, where one girl each week insults something Tyra cares about,right before walking off the show. Props to Kim!Till next week!



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