Monday, October 29, 2007

Episode 30

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Thanks for your patience!

Here it is, the long awaited podcast about episodes 1-4!

Click here to listen to our thirtieth episode

The Gang

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

We're Sorry!!

Ok, after a way-too-long hiatus, we are back! Sort of. This cycle will be podcast-lite. We have several excuses. They are:

1. Scotty is back in school, and therefore mucho busy as he is a smarty and need to get A's.
2. Amy has a full time and part time job and therefore has no time to do anything else.
3. Amy's dad was diagnosed with cancer and Amy is going a little crazy, and flying back to the east coast a lot to see him.
4. No one else really wants to edit anything. Except for Aaron who is awesome but kind of busy.

So yes, those are the excuses. We are so sorry! That being said, we recorded this weekend, and Aaron will do his best to post it this week. Otherwise, it will be posted beginning of next week.
Can I (Amy) just say how damn much we loved all of your theories? From being in the Middle East with no internet, to Aaron and I broken up (no worries we are still together). You guys are the best. And the bitchery that our absence incurred is also awesome!! Maybe we should be off the air to increase the bitchery? JUST KIDDING!!!

Hope to podcast in a couple of weeks again. Miss you guys so much!
Keep up the emails and chatters!

Amy, Aaron, Javier, Max, and Scotty