Monday, May 26, 2008

The Girls Go LARP!

So every couple of cycles, there is a model that seems a too good for this show. Brooke was one them. Joanie and Danielle could also qualify for this. This cycle, it happens to be Katarzyna. She doesn't reek of desperation like Dominique. Nor is she too eager to please like Anya. Nor need some sense of validation like Whitney or Fatima. She seems like a decent person which dosen't always translate well to trashy reality tv. Believe me, I'd rather be friends with Kat rather than most of the ho's left.

This week, the girls get their role play on. After going to a crash gladiator seminar, the girls have to model fierce posing while brandishing a sword. The sword probably weighs more than Anya and Fatima ... combined. As ususal, Anya was great. Fatima struggled. Kat underwhelemed. Dominique experimented which some whackey ass poses. But it was Whitney who did the best and wins a 1,000 euro shopping spree that she could either keep or split with a friend. I totally thought she was going to keep the money but she does a nice gesture and picks Anya, the only girl who does not need any more prizes from this show.

This is also the Tyra photoshoot. As usual, she has to make all about herself. She talks about how this the first time she has ever used artificial light and totally takes credit when the photos turn out well. The theme is some nonesense about Rennassiance women who go clubbing or something. The models basically wear some heavy coats and leftover wigs from Mary J. Blige's Family Affiar Video. Fatima and Dominique both come alive during the shoot impress both Tyra and Mr. Jay. Anya does well as per usual. But it is Kat and Whitney who struggle the most in spite of having both Tyra and Jay to help them out. Kat's picture is good, but lacks the punch as the other girls'. Whitney does not know how to work with her body and ends up staring into the light source. (Which is something Amis learned waaaaay back in week two. Keep up, Whitney)

In the end, Kat becomes the unlucky girl who is both the Cover Girl of the Week and the bootee. Sucks to be her. Even though DoMANinque showed up to panel again looking that the hot mess that she is. Girl needs styling lessons, stat.

Also:Stupidist thing said this episode: DoMANinque states the no one in American can say that they had their pictures taken by Tyra. Except the four other girls in the room. An the other models who had the pictures taken by Tyra in the past nine cycles. This girl really should think before she opens her yap.


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