Friday, December 29, 2006

Recap Episode: Best of ANTPodcast, Episodes 1 through 6

Due to holiday boredom, lack of microphones and co-hosts, I decided to pick out the funniest clips from this cycle's episodes 1 through 6. I know, this isn't as good as a brand new episode, but it's the best I can do being stuck in New Jersey with no recording equipment or witty cohosts. We miss you guys, and we'll be back soon with a new episode soon. In the meantime, enjoy the clip episode along with a brand new theme song!

More importantly, Aaron (Jan. 1st) and Scotty's (Dec. 30th) birthdays are coming up really really soon. It would be so awesome if everyone can please either call our number or send birthday wishes via email! Yaaaay birthdays!

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Thanks to the Hazzards for their song, Gay Boyfriend.
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Hope everyone have a wild and fun New Years eve!

xoxo, Amy

p.s. Here is some eye candy for everyone: Katherine Moennig (right), aka Shane, with Carmen, aka Sarah Shahi (left), from the L word. Premiering Jan. 7th on Showtime (or eMule for those of us without cable!)

Friday, December 22, 2006

Post Season Magnets

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tyra Hates Proactive Solution and the "Issa" but Loves Psoriasis Success Stories!

Finale time (Okay it was a few weeks ago, but it was finals period.) Who will be America's Next Top Model? Melrose, no "Issa"; CariDee or Caridee; or Eugen(i)a? Compared to the last few cycles, this is a pretty weak final three. I was so more willing to buy into Jade's bag of bullshit. And Joanie and Dani(elle) could model circles around Eugena and Caridee. But, we write these show notes with the final three we were given. One of the things that Top Model gets right is the streamlined finale: commercial, photo shoot, elimination, runway, final decision. We cut right to the chase with the commercial shoot. No one royally screws up, i.e. no one needs cue cards or hilariously ad-libs lines as she goes along. We are lead to believe that Melrose has a mid freak out, but she manages to get through. Apparently, that's what happens when you have OCD. The commercial itself is full of false enthusiasm, with the "dancing," and "laughing," and merriment. The judges seem to like the commercial, but its utter shite compared to the professionally done commercials that air between segments. You'll never hear Queen Latifa utter the word "feasta." The judges love Caridee's photo. I think they describe it as "soft" or "approachable" or whatever. Melrose's photo gets criticism for her stiff mouth. Eugena takes what is probably her best photo of the entire competition. Her picture is so touched up that she was practically rotoscoped into A Scanner Darkly. Even though this was her strongest week, it was not enough to make it to the final two. Eugena is eliminated, leaving the two blonds to battle it out on the runway. While Caridee and Eugenia embrace, Melrose tries to get in on the hug. You have to watch it to see how funny the hug really is. I think Melrose and Caridee are the perfect pair for what transpires at the final runway challenge, which is basically an extension to the gesticulate assily contest. The theme is ghost brides and the models have to make three passes. On the second pass, the girls have to give a stare down when the cross each other. On the final pass, the girls have to run like they're insane or something. The blonds are the only two models desperate, eager, or stupid enough to make themselves look like idiots in front of the judges, the four people in the audience, and the thousands of people who actually watch this show.

Before the show begins, Tyra makes an appearance to give the girls some encouragement and show off her Destinos level Spanish training. I'm surprised she didn't ask the flower girls (Yes, there were flower girls) if they knew where La Gavia was or what job did Raquel Rodriguez have.

The major drama happened during the Melrose and Caridee stare down. Caridee stepped on Melrose's train and ripped her dress. Melrose started freaking out like it's her fault or something. It looked accidental and if anyone should be pissed, it's the designer whose dress was ruined. Ms. Jay takes off during the middle of the show, not because she is concerned for Melrose's sake, but to shriek like a banshee down the runway right before the final pass. It's not really scary, but it gives the four people in the audience a good chuckle.

Despite her minor meltdown, Melrose wins the runway challenge. It's not enough to win the entire shebang though because Caridee is crowned the winner. It's so obvious who was going to win, even Helen Keller could have fucking seen it.

In her final interview, Melrose appears truly sad and the newly elected mayor of Bum City. I did feel a tinge of pity when she mentioned that she was called a "bitch." Maybe she should have thought of that when she was bossing everyone around or gloating about her victories.

Caridee's victory is a victory for all us girls who were teased for having a horrible skin disease. Her victory is a victory for all of us who want to don elephant noses and parasols. Her victory is a victory for us gals who want to straddle counters and cheat on our boyfriends in Spain.

This concludes this cycle of Top Model. Bring on America's Next Top 7th Heaven.

Au revoir, bitches!
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So, I was surfing on the web for a cool picture of Caridee, and this is what Google image found:

Ironically, this bitch won too!

Anyhoo, guys, sorry for the huge delay. We promise to never make you guys wait so long again! Umm except for the Christmas break...and maybe between the cycles. I don't know, the boys are so flakey (see last ten minutes of episode.)

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We never could have imagined anyone listening to us ramble, much less liking it. You guys are totally fierce.

Happy Holidays, everyone! See you next year.

Aaron, Amy, Javier, Max, and Scotty

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Poll Time!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Spoiler Alert: Janice Dickinson is Wacky

People reports that the world's oldest living supermodel was the victim of a hit-n-run.
Supermodel Janice Dickinson suffered a concussion after she was involved in a hit-and-run accident late last night in Los Angeles, her rep tells PEOPLE.

Dickinson, 51, was traveling in her SUV after a modeling shoot in Catalina when a truck driver ran into her vehicle, pushing it onto the highway's median and throwing Dickinson headfirst into her windshield. She suffered a concussion and her stylist and makeup artist who were also onboard were "unharmed but shaken," her rep said in a statement.

The three were treated at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and released this morning."

Wow she's only 51? The Goddess looks so much older.

In other news, we wanted to apologize for the huge delay of the cycle finale episode of our podcast. Life happens and things get in the way, but we are definitely for sho podcasting this Saturday, come hell or high water. I know I told some of you we were going to record yesterday, but a squirrel the size of a blimp attacked our house and his possum friends ate the microphones. Ok, something came up and we were unable to record. But check back Monday and the episode will be up for shizzle dizzle!!

Begging and groveling for love at your feet,
Aaron, Amy, Max, and Scotty

Monday, December 11, 2006

"You can see her thoughts, and her thoughts said, ' . . . ' " - Television Without Pity

Oh, Naima.

Caridee: No shit. You were really once America's Next Top Model?
Naima: Yes, yes! (laughs) I swear!

Caridee is looking dreamy as usual.

Check out the past winners here in a spread for Jewel magazine.
Thanks to Evicious for the tip!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Life outside of America's Next Top Model

Monique in the Snoop video

Megg looking like Kiera Knightly

Megg again

Anchal holding the face of Natalia Vodianova


The twins' contact card from L.A. models

Thanks to A.J. (not bird lady, sorry) for the images!

New episode should be up mid week next week. Sorry for the delay! Amy has to take the GRE on Monday, and Scotty has been out of town.

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Thanks you guys!

Aaron, Amy, Javier, Max, and Scotty

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Ladies of Reality - VH1's Big in '06 Awards

In case anyone missed it, here is a clip of some of the Top Model girls on VH1's Big in '06 Awards. about a minute and a half into it, you will see Joanie, Furonda, and our girl Brooke, along with Jaeda and AJ. towards the end is Ms. J looking fabulous as always.

Our next episode (after the finale) is going to be on Top Model: British Invasion so make sure to watch it!

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Aaron, Amy, Javier, Max, and Scotty

Monday, December 04, 2006

Tyra Hates the Gangly One

So things are winding down, both in ANTM land and this semester so this going to be pretty short. Amanda reads the letter from Michelle and everyone comments on how sweet it is. Caridee invites Amanda to cuddle, launching a whole new series of fanfic for the two people who care about shit like that. Oh, and everyone hates Melrose.

The girls learn how to flamenco from some non-English speaking hobbit. The girls have to perform with a partner which is funny because Amanda essentially picks the Spanish male version of herself. Looks like someone is missing her twin. It's a dance challenge where Eugena, Caridee and Amanda do well. Melrose (dressed like the hostess at Ninfas) tumbles are little and it goes to her little head. Eugena wins and picks Amanda to share her prize: jackets.

Everyone still hates Melrose.

The photo shoot involves posing in water with a partner, which is something at this show has not done in a while. It's cold and Caridee almost dies. She pushed herself to the limit and gets lectured to for not letting them know she was about to become a Carideesicle. Amanda finally showed some initiative and took some more shots.

Panel! Everyone's shots are actually pretty good. Apparently, Melrose can do no wrong. Eugena got her groove back. Caridee is striking if a bit of a drama queen. Amanda has odd elbows.

Since no one out-right sucks this week, its all about potential. Melrose is too eager but is safe. Eugena has no soul but is safe. Caridee is a handful, but is safe. Amanda has a unique face (in spite of having an identical twin sister) but does not know how to model as well as the other girls. Amanda is reunited with her sister, at least twin haters (like Aaron) have to admit, that girl went out fighting. Plus, she has a great new coat to wear around Anaheim

Next week: Season finale! One has to wonder if Caridee wins outight or if Eugena gives her a run for her money. And everyone still hates Melrose.

Listen to our eleventh episode
Again, sorry for the long episode! We promise to not be so rambling next time.

Here is Eugena looking like Alien Poupee from Toy Story:

Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Magnets are back!

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